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Toys, Puzzles & Games for Kids

Explore mind games and brain puzzles that tease, test, and push your child’s abilities!

Explore Brain Teaser Puzzles and Games for Kids

Puzzles and games provide kids with a stimulating and fun way to play. It also helps to improve their problem-solving skills and testing their abilities as they grow. We have a huge selection of brain puzzle, mind games, and interactive toys for all kids and all age ranges.

If you’re looking for a beautifully shaped puzzle to decorate your child’s wall with an instructional booklet, you’ll find that here. We also carry educational enriched puzzles to learn about life, other cities, and the world we live in. Each puzzle and game is rich and varied, so whatever your child’s interest, you’ll be able to find the perfect puzzle or game to suit your children.

Play these Fun Games and Puzzles

Whether your child enjoys a solo game or building a puzzle with a group of friends, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

We offer a range of puzzles and games for kids of all ages.

Check back for more puzzle and game ideas. We’re always stocking new ways to little ones to play, learn, and grow!

Teach Your Child Mindfulness

While the act of playing is crucial for a child’s development, so is mindfulness. Mindfulness exercises are proven to help increase a child’s awareness of how they feel at the moment, be less emotionally reactive and develop a greater ability to listen. It also enhances their ability to communicate more thoughtfully and effectively.

At Toystore2u, we have a variety of fun activities to teach mindfulness to children. For example, the Yogi Matching Game introduce your child to simple poses, postures, and techniques. Also, the Yogi FUN Kit comes with 40 beautifully illustrated cards that show yoga poses and an easy-to-remember rhyme card to complement it.

These games are perfect for inside and out while encouraging both kids and adults to be more self-confident, focused, and flexible!

Hands-On Brain Games

If your child loves a challenge, just watch what happens when you give them a Binado. Combining both sports and construction, Binado is a game that involves throwing, kicking, juggling, and building.

The way it works is simple. Before a child plays with the ball, they have to construct an object using 36, 30, 24, or 12, of the Binado pieces. Each piece plugs and twists into each other to form a wacky and random three-dimensional object.

Binado was invented in Germany and consists of a biomaterial called Arboblend® which is made of 100% renewable resources (sugar, resins, and wood fibres). This is one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

About Toystore2u

Whether this is your first time here or you’re back for more, we want to thank you for choosing Toystore2u. We consider ourselves as Santa’s workshop, open year-round. With us, you’ll enjoy the fastest delivery and only top quality toys, puzzles, and games for kids. Our product line is always expanding and we’re always curating top-quality products for our store.

We’re also proudly Australian with our head office located in Pyrmont. Ultimately, our purpose at Toystore2u is to build an experience that brings smiles and laughter to children of all ages from all across Australia.

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