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Educational Toys for Kids

Give your kids a head start with learning games and educational toys.

Educational Games & Toys for Kids Teach Fundamental Skills

Educational toys for kids are some of the best ways to teach kids new skills and knowledge at a young age. These toys are designed by childhood development professionals to ensure fun, engaging, yet beneficial learning for your child.

At each stage of a child’s development, different educational toys for kids are needed to suit their age range and interest. That’s why, we have searched for world-leading educational toys for toddlers, babies, and kids of all ages.

Educational toys for babies often have lots of bright colours with high contrast, unique textures, quirky sounds, and objects that can be explored in your babies’ mouths. These early years involve considerable motor and sensory exploration until the age of 18 months.

When babies become toddlers, this is the perfect time to introduce more complex educational games and toys. For example, the Miniland Pre-Writing Templates allow children to practice drawing lines in a fun way while focusing on the habits for pre-writing. The patterns in these templates resemble fundamental fine motor skills needed for writing.

For younger children between the ages of 3 to 7, advanced early learning toys can help stimulate and develop math skills, abstract thinking, and scientific knowledge. For example, the Miniland Rocket 10 focuses on mathematical concepts. This educational toy introduces the basic mathematical concepts of:

  •    Working with patterns
    Number – quantity association
    Speed in counting
    Breaking down the number 10
    And, an introduction to addition and subtraction

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Educational Toys & Games from Trusted Brands

At Toystore2u, we hand-select every educational game and toy you see in our store. We want to ensure that your child receives the best in the industry while focusing on quality resources that benefit education and learning.

You’ll find that we provide educational toys from trusted brands, such as SASSI Junior, Miniland, and Yogi FUN. Learn more about the brands we trust:

SASSI Junior

SASSI Junior is an Italian brand that specializes in interactive and educations games, toys, and books for kids. They use a modern design and premium quality materials to distribute world-class educational products to families, schools, and other educational facilities.

3D Assemble Build & Book

Similar to the Travel, Learn, Explore series by SASSI (See below), the 3D Assemble Build & Book is guaranteed to keep your child busy while they learn where animals live. In Animal Homes, you get to build 4 natural habitats with stories that teach you about their habits, behaviour, and environment. This set comes with assembly instructions for easy construction and moveable pieces. This a perfect gift for kids who love educational toys.

Lens Books

Designed for ages 6 and up, SASSI Lens Books let your child explore by looking through a lens with three different colours. Each colour reveals new knowledge related to the topic on the page. Watch your child learn The Human Body in this interactive educational toy for kids.

Travel, Learn, Explore

Let your child explore the world or take an adventure in space with SASSI’s Travel, Learn, and Explore educational games and puzzles. Each set comes with 100s of pieces and an informational book to teach your child new information. From 3D puzzles to highly detailed illustrative diagrams, your child will become a pioneer in learning new knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

AVAILABLE NOW – Australia, All About the Human Body, History of Ships, Space, The World of Animals, London, Paris


Miniland is a provider of early learning games for kids and toddlers. They believe that learning should be fun because when we play, it offers a chance to learn new skills and knowledge. Miniland’s popular educational games include Crazy Suduko, Tangram, and Diversity Hotel.

They also provide immersive early learning toys in their On The Go series. From exploring Underwater Mysteries to Human Anatomy, these games involve both memory and imagination while building an interest in science and related vocabulary.

Yogi FUN Series

Yogi FUN is developed by a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher who is also a father of three beautiful kids. Yoga is a fun and interactive way to teach kids the importance of mindfulness and meditation. It helps them to stay calm, think clearly, and improve their ability to focus. The Yogi FUN series provides the benefits of yoga through fun games and activities, giving children all over the world the opportunity to develop and grow while having fun.

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