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Baby Dolls & Soft Toys

Soft, cuddly friends and loveable plush toys for babies, toddlers, and kids!

Baby Dolls, Soft Toys, and Lifelong Companions for Your Kids

Every child has a toy they carry around for years and remember for a lifetime. Our hand-selected baby dolls and soft toys for kids offer the best selection of toys online. Your child will certainly fall in love the moment they’re introduced to their new friend!

Brands You Can Trust

At Toystore2u, we are very selective and carefully choose only the best brands and soft toys for our store. Handmade is one of our top selection criteria as we believe in quality, longevity, and authenticity. A childhood toy is more than just a temporary experience, it’s a lifelong relationship with a trusted companion.

Think back to your younger years, picture the baby boll or soft toy that you always had by your side. That’s the kind of experience we aim to provide by offering only the best for your child.

Take a look at some of the leading brands we carry:

Kathe Kruse Dolls

If you’re looking for plush, handmade baby dolls, Kathe Kruse is the perfect choice for you. Founded in the early 20th Century, Kathe Kruse has been creating signature, handmade dolls for more than 100 years!

When it comes to the design of these adorable, plush dolls, just listen to what Claudia Kuhn, designer of the Waldorf Dolls, has to say:

“As a child, I played dreamily in my magical world of fantasy. My favourite place was my grandmother’s enchanted garden with my beloved baby dolls. I wished nothing more than my favourite doll would come alive, warm and soft, especially during the night. She became real in my fantasy. Warm, soft dolls which don’t hurt when I hugged them in bed – this I found in Waldorf dolls.”

Come see all Kathe Kuhn dolls we have available right here at Toystore2u:

  •    Arianna – 39 cm tall | Hand-painted face
  •    Emilie – 39 cm tall | Soft body & high-quality vinyl
  •    La Bella Darcy – 41 cm tall | Designer-style outfit

Fun Fact!
In 2014, Kathe Kruse’s doll company was awarded the “Brand of the Century”.

Maud N Lil

Maud N Lil is an Australian based company that provides luxury, certified organic cotton baby dolls and plush soft toys. They’ve been in business for more than 20 years and co-owned by the creative minds of Manda Epton and Vicki Hilcke.

If you plan to buy dolls online from a trusted Australian company, this is it.

Fun Fact!
All Muad N Lil products are made with 100% certified organic cotton with no harmful chemicals. They also use biodegradable GMO-free natural corn fibre filling, warm hand washable up to 30 degrees. Rest assured, these soft toys are completely safe for babies if they put them in their mouths.

Miniland Baby Dolls

Dolls can be more than just a playtime favourite toy as they can also serve an educational purpose. With Miniland, they’ve created a line up of dolls focused on teaching children how to dress and undress him/herself through playing with their range of multi-cultural dolls. From fastening buttons, zippers, snaps, shoelaces, and more, the Miniland series focus on core skills during a child’s early development.

However, Miniland’s most notable goal is to help teach about the diversity of races and gender while learning about their community and other groups around the world. If you want to learn more, feel free to explore the following baby dolls for kids: Asian Girl, Hispanic Boy, Caucasian Boy.

Fun Fact!
Miniland is dedicated to building a better world for parents, educators, children and a future of generations to come. Their fundamental goal is to provide educational-style dolls to explore diversity, personal autonomy, and mutual respect for race and gender.

Steiff: Vintage, Handmade Soft Toys

Anyone who knows anything about teddy bears must know Steiff. Founded in 1880, Steiff has a rich and heartfelt history. Margarette Steiff, the company’s founder, was born in Germany and became severely ill at 18 months old. The impact of her illness caused paralysis in her legs and made it painful to use her right arm.

After years of dealing with pain, Margarette pushed through while learning how to sew and training to become a seamstress. The idea to start a plush, soft toy company came from a little elephant she made as a pincushion. The design was so simple, yet so adorable, everyone ad to have it!

For the years that followed, Margarette made a name for herself in the soft toy industry. However, it wasn’t until her nephew, Richard Steiff, created sketches of a lovable little bear. It was later modelled as the “Bear 55BP” in 1902 and became a worldwide success as the first stuffed bear with moveable arms and legs.

Discover Steiff’s modern line up of teddy bears and soft toys and introduce your child to new cuddly friend:

Fun Fact!
Steiff is notorious for its soft toys and teddy bears to become vintage collectibles. In 1905, when Colonel Bob Henderson was born, he was gifted an adorable Teddy Bear. As he built a successful career in the British Army, we always kept his favourite bear by his side. Henderson passed away in 1990, and his beloved bear was sold at auction for over $143,000 in 1994!

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