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Arts, Crafts & Colouring Books for Kids

Discover cool art supplies and easy crafts for kids of all ages

Why Colouring and Crafting is Important for Kids

Have you ever wondered whether a child’s scribbles are actually supporting their academic, mental, and brain growth? Believe it or not, colouring and crafting is an important part of early childhood development and also for improving creative thinking, abstract reasoning and more.

Whether its a children’s colouring or easy crafts for kids, these activities help to stimulate creativity, encourage self-expression, and improve fine motor skills. These activities are also great to help your child focus on a task and to see it through from start to finish. Just watch as your child’s focus develops as they spend more time colouring and crafting.

To get started, introduce your kids to easy crafts and colouring books then later give them more advanced, and complex stuff such as the DoodleArt Posters.

Encourage Your Childs’s Creative Side

Children learn by making mistakes and exploring the world around them. That’s why we have selected a range of easy crafts for kids and craft items to encourage a child’s creativity.

All a child needs are the simplest of tools and they will have everything they need to express themselves freely. It could be as simple as mixing finger-paint onto a canvas or scribbling ideas on a paper.

Kids love to do arts and crafts 𑁋 and 𑁋 it’s important that they practice both at home and at school.

If your child likes to draw, colour, or craft, explore the products available above. We carry art supplies, colouring books, and crafting materials to provide your child with hours of fun while focusing on their creative side. Come explore our crafts for kids!

Kids Art Supplies

When kids have art supplies, things can get very messy and disorganized. To help you help your child keep things in order, we recommended these kids art supplies.

Combined, these Scribbla products are loved by kids. The Colouring-in Pencil Care is black and white and comes with two fabric pens to colour it in. However, if two colours aren’t enough, the 12-piece set can let your child truly personalize their new pencil case.

Stay updated when we add new crafts, art supplies, and colouring books for kids by signing up for updates and promotions.

Support Local Artists in Australia

ColourAway is one of a few hand-selected brands on Toystore2u that offer 100% made in Australia products. We want to support local businesses and want to take a moment to share a new collection between ColourAway and Karen Santonaris.

In the Land Downunder Colouring Poster Kit, you will find:

  •    12 Vibrant Scribba Brushstroke Pens
    50+ Indigenous Species
    Challenge Sheet (to learn the names of all the animals in the poster).

This is truly an Australian inspired and Australian made using FSC certified 170 gsm paper𑁋a must-have for every kid’s colouring collection.

More Fun Ways for Kids to Explore

Although arts and crafts are fundamental to a child’s growth, there are other areas where I child may show more interest. From educational books to complex puzzles, you’ll find a wide variety of fun, creative, and interactive ways to watch your child play, explore and learn.

At Toystore2u, we consider ourselves to be Santa’s workshop that’s open year-round. Our range of products is growing by the day and we’re always looking for new, innovative, and creative ways to bring smiles and laughter to children of all ages.

We’re an Australian company and believe in the importance of play and creativity. You’ll find that all of our toys are premium quality and have been hand-selected to ensure that you and your little ones receive the best toys, puzzles, crafts, games, and more.

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